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2015 Stats

Service Project Events

  • January 17, 2015 - Project Backyard Thomasville, GA

  • January 24, 2015 – Project Backyard DNOW, Thomasville, GA

  • March 7, 2015 – Project Backyard Student Leader Forum, Tallahassee, FL

  • March 28, 2015 – Project Backyard Thomasville, GA

  • May 2, 2015 – Project Backyard Thomasville, GA

  • June 29-July 8, 2015 – Project Backyard “Summer Lights” Camp, Thomasville, GA

  • July 11, 2015 – Project Backyard Thomasville, GA

  • September 12, 2015 – Project Backyard Thomasville, GA

  • November 25, 2015 – PBY Thanksgiving Prep

  • November 26, 2015 – PBY Thanksgiving Day Free Meal

  • December 19, 2015 – PBY Christmas a Wood Valley

Volunteer Participation

  • Thomasville, GA = over 600 volunteers

  • Tallahassee, FL = over 120 volunteers

Project Backyard Thomasville, GA (10 PBY Events)

  • Food, Clothes, and Supplies Distribution Projects:

    • Hosted 12 Manna Drop Food Distribution Projects, where we distributed over 1728 bags of food to those in need at various locations throughout Thomasville, such as Villa North Apartments, Circle C Mobile Homes, Rose City Mobile Homes, Wood Valley Apartments, and Providence Plaza Apartments (12 projects)

    • Distributed over 1000 Bibles throughout Thomasville to those who didn’t have one. (12 projects)

    • Distributed more than 200 bags of essential items to the homeless (3 projects)

    • Hosted 2 clothes giveaway projects at Circle C Mobile homes (2 projects)

  • Community Outreach Projects

    • Hosted 12 cookouts and served food to those in need in low-income communities in Thomasville (12 projects)

    • Facilitated games and activities for children in need in low-income communities on 11 different occasions (Circle C Mobile Homes, Villa North Apartments, Rose City Mobile Homes, and Wood Valley Apartments) (11 projects)

    • Hosted a Free Laundry event called “Loads of Love” where volunteers offered to pay for people’s laundry as a way of ministering to and blessing them

  • Medical Clinic Projects

    • Partnered with medical professionals in Thomasville to host 3 free medical clinics at Circle C Mobile Homes for those in need (3 projects)

  • Painting Projects

    • Painted the outside of 2 mobile homes at Rose City Mobile Home Park

    • Painted the inside of 2 apartments at Wood Valley in Thomasville

    • Painted the outside doors and shutters for each building at Villa North Apartments

    • Painted the swing set equipment at Wood Valley Apartments

    • Painted the inside of 4 classrooms and 1 office at the old Douglass High School

    • Painted the Teen Room for the Thomasville Community Resource Center

    • Painted the library for the Jack Hadley Black History Museum

    • Painted the outside deck for Maryland Oaks Housing Facility

    • Painted the 100ft long fence entrance at the Meadows Mobile Home Park

    • Painted the hallway inside the DogTagSS Veterans Home

  • Yard Work Projects

    • Planted 6 community Gardens at Villa North Apartments and GIBB Thomasville Village

    • Mulched the playground for Maryland Oaks Housing Facility

    • Mulched the playground at the old Douglass High School

    • Weeded the community garden at the Thomasville Community Resource Center

    • Weeded and replanted the community gardens at Rose City Mobile Homes

  • Cleaning Projects

    • Pressure washed the front fence for the DogtagSS Veterans Home

    • Pressure washed the outside of the Circle C Mobile Home Chapel

    • Cleaned the inside of one of the Vashti Center's buildings to prepare it for a Backpack Buddies packing location

    • Cleaned the inside of the Gatlin Creek Church mobile home chapel at Circle C

  • Building Projects

    • Built 4 garden benches at Villa North Apartments

    • Built 6 community picnic tables for low-income housing communities in Thomasville

    • Installed screen on the porches of two mobile homes at Rose City in Thomasville

    • Built a 60' x 60' wooden frame around the playground at Douglass High School

Project Backyard "Summer Lights" CamP (Two Week Camp)

  • Date: Monday, June 29th - Wednesday, July 8th

  • Douglass High School Project:

    • Painted 6000 square feet of the inside of the main building

    • Built, painted, and installed 6 community picnic tables

    • Repainted all the swing set equipment

    • Repaired and/or replace 10 swings on the swing set

    • Pressure washed, repaired, and rebuilt the playground equipment, which included installing new decking, reinforcing the crossbeams, building new stairs, replacing rotten boards, and painting the entire swing set with wood sealant

    • Pressured washed the sidewalks

    • Trimmed bushes, raked up leaves, and completed a number of other yard work projects around the facility

    • Spread more than 30 bales of pine straw around the bushes surrounding the facility

  • Vacation Bible School Project:

    • Hosted a weeklong Vacation Bible School for 60+ kids in the community

  • Kids Against Hunger Project:

    • Packaged more than 4600 meals for children living in the Appalachian Region

Project Backyard Thanksgiving, Thomasville, GA

  • Date: Wednesday, November 25-26, 2015

  • Thanksgiving Preparations (Wednesday, November 25th)

    • Prepared all the food for the Thanksgiving Day meal

    • Set up tables, chairs, decorations, children’s area, and volunteer check-in/care area

    • Set up the clothes closet for distribution

    • Set up the canned goods area for distribution

    • Put up directional signs throughout the venue

    • Put 1000 gospel tracks on each of the to-go plates

    • Set up bibles distribution area

  • Thanksgiving Day Free Meal (Thursday, November 26th)

    • Distributed over 900 meals to those in need

    • Distributed three truckloads of winter clothes

    • Gave away canned goods, bread, and non-perishables

    • Passed out 100’s of bibles and over 1000 gospel tracks


  • Douglass High School Alumni Association

  • GIBB Thomasville Village

  • Wood Valley Apartments

  • Villa North Apartments

  • Circle C Mobile Homes

  • Providence Plaza Apartments

  • Rose City Mobile Homes

  • Backpack Buddies

  • Vashti Center

  • Thomasville Community Resource Center

  • Marguerite Neel Williams Boys and Girls Club

  • Jack Hadley Black History Museum

  • Hands On Thomas County

  • Second Harvest of South Georgia

  • DogTagSS Veterans Home

  • Kids Against Hunger

  • Salvation Army

  • Rescue Mission

  • Community Outreach Training Center

  • Community Transformation, Inc.

  • Word Doers Ministries

  • Safe Haven


For a full list of churches and other groups that participated in our Project Backyard events in 2015, Click Here.

2013-2014 STATS

Number of Service Project Events - 32 Events in 2013 & 23 Events in 2014

Number of Volunteer Participants - more than 1800 volunteers

Service ProjectS

  • Food Distribution – Distributed over 1700 boxes/bags of food to individuals and families in need, as well as served more than 2300 hot meals on Thanksgiving Day (2013 & 2014 combined).

  • Building Projects – Facilitated 52 building projects, including 14 community gardens, 7 park benches, 4 children’s swing sets, 14 picnic tables, 1 storage shed, 11 wheelchair ramps, 1 church renovation, and 1 mobile home community playground.

  • Painting Projects – Performed 37 painting projects, which included 9 mobile homes, classrooms for 3 schools, 1 church, 1 porch, 2 local organization, 1 wheelchair ramp, 1 local business.

  • Clothes and Supplies Giveaways – Hosted 18 clothes giveaway projects, where we gave away countless bags of clothes and other wearable items to those in need. We also partnered with Homeless Hookup to distribute 200+ bags of essential items to the homeless.

  • Community Cookout Events – Hosted 78 community outreach cookout events in low income communities, where we grilled hot dogs, facilitated games for children, and ministered to the people in each community.

  • Yard Work Projects & Community Clean Up – Completed 25 yard work projects for community parks, local churches, elderly individuals, schools, mobile home parks, and local service organizations.

  • Bible Distribution – Distributed more than 1200 Bibles to individuals and families who did not have one.

  • Other Projects – We have performed a number of other service projects over the last two years such as free medical clinics, car washes, grocery delivery to the elderly, pressure washing mobile homes, providing free laundry at local laundry mats, visiting nursing homes, and helping local service organizations with whatever needs they might have throughout the year.