Project Backyard "Lights Up" Tallahassee, FL

Tallahassee Democrat // June 7, 2013 // Tallahassee, FL

For one Saturday of each month, the downtown area of Tallahassee looks brighter than the rest.  Project Backyard is a local event with more than 100 volunteers in the community serving those in need. Partnered with Inside Out Nation, a ministry devoted to proclaiming Jesus through music and worship, and the local Downtown Community Church, volunteers set out to change the city of Tallahassee...(READ MORE!)

"Be a Light" in Your Own Backyard

Thomasville Magazine // Spring 2013 Issue // Thomasville, GA

When you hear the term “mission work,” it is easy to associate it with service that is done overseas or outside the walls of your community.  The truth is, however, there are many people who are suffering in our very own backyard.  This is not a new idea, by any means.  In fact, there are numerous churches and service organizations in Thomasville and Thomas County that are doing great work every day to help those in need throughout their community...(READ MORE!)

Making a Difference in their Community


WALB.COM // January 25, 2013 // Thomasville, GA

More than 500 young volunteers will serve those in need in Thomasville Saturday.  The Inside Out Nation outreach is coordinating community service projects at more than 20 locations in Thomasville.  Projects will include manna drops, building construction, and landscaping.  "We want to provide opportunities for students and people throughout the city to serve with those organizations and to serve people in their own backyard, but also to create awareness so they can get plugged in on a more consistent basis than just once a month...(READ MORE!)


Local Ministry Plans To Feed More Than 1200 People On Thanksgiving

WCTV.TV // November 21, 2012 // Thomasville, GA

Thursday afternoon the cafeteria of Thomasville High School will transform into what organizers are calling Thanksgiving Blessfest.  It's no small task preparing Thanksgiving Dinner for more than 1200 people but members of the Inside Out Nation Ministry in Thomasville are happy to do so.  "It's really been cool just to be able to go out into the community and to ask for donations, and to ask for things, for people to bake things and people want to give back, they want to come out and help and this is just another opportunity for us to be able to do that," said Amy Boland with Inside Out Nation...(READ MORE!)

Serving in your own Backyard

WCTV.TV // September 22, 2012 // Thomasville, GA

Local organizations are coming together to serve those in need. "These children, they need food. They need clothing, they need someone to wrap their arms around them and tell them they love them, that they're special, that they're important," said Project Backyard events coordinator, Amy Boland.  Project Backyard is an initiative, started by Inside Out Nation, which is a mission group in Thomasville...(READ MORE!)

Helping others with Project Backyard

WALB.COM // September 21, 2012 // Albany, GA

On May 5th, Inside Out Nation partnered with Hands on Thomas County to coordinate nine local service projects. "Since then we've had a lot of people from the community, a lot of leaders and youth pastors, come to us and say we'd love to have a consistent opportunity for our young people to go out and serve. So Project Backyard is basically a response to that," said Inside Out Nation Executive Director Bryan Watt...(READ MORE!)

"Project Backyard" Helps Serve Those In Need

Thomasville Times Enterprise // September 18, 2012 // Thomasville, GA

With so many needy people around the world, local residents plagued by misfortune are sometimes overlooked. Fortunately, “Project Backyard” gives people a chance remedy that situation.  In May, Inside Out, a local mission group, started its first mission project, “The Backyard Initiative.” It partnered with Hands on Thomas County to coordinate nine local service projects. More than 300 people came out to serve...(READ MORE!